Our country is on a geographical point which gathers natural, historical, touristic and archeological values in wide scale through Tourism Sector. In this frame, purposes of our association are;

By performing any kind of tasks to raise awareness and supporting the development of  tourism while assessing and benefitting touristic assets with the help of official or semi-official organizations and private organizations and individuals, spreading tourism country-wide and thus carrying tasks and studies for the purpose of increasing internal and external tourism and dealing with any kind of issues and matters in regards to Tourism Sector.

Protecting mutual economical and social interests of all entrepreneurs who are active in Tourism Sector, helping and contributing them for increasing affectivity, resolving legal disputes with public bodies, following the legislation particularly related to tourism sector and informing our members (entrepreneurs of tourism sector), providing coordination between sectors, contributing to  leading of common direction of Tourism Policy in regards to any related demands coming from our members, contributing to qualified service understanding by organizing trainings, helping the resolution of any disputes between members of our organization and/or between our members and other bodies, intervening any cases and legal procedure related to the purpose of our association.

Whether native or foreigner, whether individual or corporate bodies, helping and supporting for finding resolutions of any kind of legal problems of Native or Foreigner Tourists, corporate bodies, investors , and/or Turkish Citizens who travel to outside of Turkey as a tourist, and/or Turkish Citizens who reside outside of Turkey.

Supporting and aiding for compensating material and/or spiritual damages arising from any legal problems of tourists which occur/occurred within the boundaries of Republic of Turkey. With this purpose cooperating with any other native and international non-governmental organizations and any other organizations

Acting together and in coordination, producing mutual projects, joining the steps of already produced projects, with other international tourism associations, international tourism agencies, confederations, international health tourism associations and other organizations who have similar purposes and resulting these actions and thus supporting international tourism.